About the Project

Portions of this project were completed in Paula Petrik’s Clio II and History and Cartography classes at George Mason University. Clio II was designed to teach students the basics of web design (using HTML and CSS). History and Cartography was designed to teach students the basics of map creation and constructing spatial arguments. The site will continue to be updated, and it will eventually include the transcriptions from the surviving journals from Wayne’s campaign. Those interested in the writings of Anthony Wayne, including his correspondence with Henry Knox, should explore the Papers of the War Department website (and participate in the community transcription project).

About the Author

Joshua Catalano is a research assistant at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and a Ph.D. graduate student in the Department of History. He received his masters degree from Bowling Green State University in American Culture Studies and his bachelors in history from Saint Vincent College. His research interests include early American history, Native American history, digital history, and memory.

Email: jcatala3@gmu.edu

Website: joshuacatalano.org